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How to promote Forex affiliate websites

Being a Forex affiliate is not easy, but if done properly, it can be financially rewarding. If you are new to affiliate marketing, then you are aware that sales are a function of the number of visitors to your site. There are a number of ways to increase visitors, some better than others. Below we give you five ideas for how you can promote your Forex affiliate website.

  1. Write articles related to new Forex investors – many people have heard of Forex, but are intimidated by the lingo, charts, different brokerages, trading platforms and so on. Pick one area that will appeal to a new currency trader and write a few articles about it. For instance, you can explain basic technical analysis, how margin and leverage work, or share a case study of your experience with different demo accounts.
  2. Use Google advertising – while cost per click for the Forex industry is very high, there are relatively inexpensive ways to generate traffic to your site through paid search. Since most Forex programs only allow individuals to join who are residents of countries outside America, your advertising costs will also be lower by appealing to these countries. For instance, the cost of running an ad campaign to potential clients in Liechtenstein is going to be far less than the cost of acquiring a client from a much larger country, generally speaking. There is a lot more that can be said about how to use paid advertising, but the first rule of thumb is to know what your cost of acquisition is; what this means is if you are able to generate $150 per sign-up, then as long as it is only costing you $149 or less to acquire that affiliate sale, then you are making a positive income.
  3. E-mail marketing – check with your affiliate manager about whether e-mail marketing is allowed for the particular Forex broker that you want to promote. Some will allow you to market with e-mail, while others consider this method to be strictly prohibited. You want to make sure that you comply with whatever the country’s e-mail solicitation laws are, and it is good practice to include an opt out or unsubscribe link in your e-mail footer. The best way to market via e-mail is after you develop a number of followers on your blog or website, to produce a newsletter geared to the needs of Forex users. Within that newsletter you can include your links and recommendations to Forex brokers and Forex related products and services.
  4. Online forums – this is a good place to promote your website as long as the for him allows signature links. What is a signature link you ask? It is simply a hyperlink that appears in the footer of every post you make on a forum. For instance, if your site is about Forex basics, then you may want to use that term as your anchor text to link back to your site. People who are new to currency trading will see your posts, click on your link, and visit your website. Again, keep in mind that the forum moderators allow you to link to an external site.
  5. Use social media – one way to generate some buzz around your site and offers is to leverage the power of platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google plus. Each of these platforms caters to a different demographic, and if you are posting on twitter you want to keep your comments at 140 characters or less, whereas Facebook allows you to write a bit more in detail, as does Google plus. We think the best way to go about deciding what social network is best for you is simply to try them out, interact with people, and do not be pushy. Social media is like going to a party, it is an opportunity to meet and interact with new people, some of whom may be interested in what you do, for the purpose of developing new connections. Do not always talk about Forex related things, learn how to put in some lighthearted or non-– business-related posts in order to avoid being considered a spammer.

We hope this short guide to promoting your Forex affiliate marketing efforts helps you to achieve greater financial independence and allows you to focus on the things that will improve your life and the life of those you influence.

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